Exploring shape and a live digital group painting at the Winter Student Art Show


On Saturday, February 24, we hosted our Winter Student Art Show! The art on the walls and on display around the Creative Lab showcased work from our latest unit, Exploring Shape, with pieces ranging from 3D drawings of shapes to graphical geometric designs and optical illusions, to vibrant 3D shapes in the real world (like still lives and hot air balloons). 

Yes Creative Lab was lively and bustling with students, family, and friends. Thank you for the warm and wonderful turnout!

Congratulations to all our students. We're so proud of you, and all of the beautiful work you've created!  


Live Digital Painting at the art show 

Interactive kids' group project

While at the art show, students and guests were invited to make their mark and participate in a live group digital painting project, which took place at the Winter Student Art Show. The theme: "What Inspires You?" Thanks to everyone who participated in this group project! Participants ranged in age from 3 years old to adult, and here is a screencast of the digital painting as it evolved throughout the evening!


Kids' live digital painting group project, theme: "What Inspires You?" (Participants ranged in age from 3 years old to adult)