Pre-K - 8th Grade Class Overview


Yes Creative Lab offers imaginative art & design classes for kids ages Pre-K - 8th Grade. Our fun, unique art program focuses on big ideas, imagination, and creativity, while teaching technique, art and design principles. Grouped by grade, our ongoing classes, special series, and workshops challenge the students' minds and artistic abilities, while offering support and encouragement to make sure they learn and have fun!

Classes for this school year begin September 4, 2018! Enrollment is open, and remains open throughout the school year.


Age Groups


Creative Sparks


Our youngest independent artists get lots of encouragement and attention as they discover art through engaging and exciting projects. You'll be impressed at what such young artists can create with the right guidance! Creative Sparks classes are 45-minutes long.

Big Ideas

Kindergarten – 2nd Graders

The students of this age group are shown how to channel their incredible imaginative minds through exciting art projects, as we challenge and support them. They are encouraged not just to improve their technique, but to be creative thinkers! Big Ideas classes are 45-minutes long.

Daring Doers

3rd – 5th Graders

With an ever-deepening understanding of themselves and the world around them, artists of this age are amazing to work with. As they take on more and more intricate projects and techniques, they are shown new, exciting ways to create what they imagine. Daring Doers classes are 60-minutes or 90-minutes long.

Makers & Shakers

6th – 8th Graders

The Makers & Shakers develop their artistic abilities through more challenging techniques and projects. Most importantly, as they hone their skills, they gain confidence as emerging young adults by expressing their creativity and unique perspective. Makers & Shakers classes are 90-minutes long.

Fall 2018 Classes


Enrollment is now open, and classes begin in January. Enroll today!


Upcoming Special Workshops & Projects

New workshops, projects, and special events are posted here regularly! Check back soon!

Recent Special Workshops